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Over the next few weeks you will need to plan your own Gold Award Hike. The hike distance will be between 35 - 40km.

You will need to be transported from Home to Rutland so the usual start point will be a car park.

Weekly topics for planning will cover a minumum of:

Route - Have a look at this Route Planner form and Hiking Factsheet. Start planning your hike and Email us your routes. Remember this is not a test in IT so write your route on what ever is most comfortable for you. We need from you a minimum of; Start and Stop grid reference, waypoint grid references, distance and timing between waypoints.

Menu - Plan a menu for a weekend hiking event for a group of six people: No dietary needs
Include the quantities you’ll need
Explain where to shop and the best way to transport the food home.
Explain how to store the food properly ie. freezer, fridge store prevent food poisoning.
Explain what to consider when carrying food on a hike.

Kitlist - Write a kit-list for a weekend hiking camp. Prepare two lists:
1. a personal kit list
2. An equipment list from stores ie tents cooking equipment.

Camp site booking - details yet to be discussed

Budget - details yet to be discussed

Risk Assessments - details yet to be discussed

We will guide you through the process but the ideas will be from yourselves.

The map below can be copied and printed, an on line map can be found here Streetmap - Rutland Water

Remember your Leaders are here to help, please ask if you need any thing at all.