COVID-19 We hope you are all keeping well at this time. Armstrong Scouts now meet weekly on "the Zoom", please join us - see your emails for invite
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In place of our meetings at the hut Scouts have weekly Challenges, the majority of which all count towards their badge work.

Update for Parents - 2 July 7pm via Zoom, see Emails for invite

This weeks Challenges is: Circus Skills - this is to be done over 2 weeks. Please also attempt anything you have missed so far.

Challenge submissions should be Emailed to Armstrong with the name of the challenge and the scouts name in the title please.)

Your Challenge is to complete another element of the BIGG Challenge badge – Circus Skills where we would like you to learn to Juggle with any items you choose.

We assume everyone can juggle with one item!! Some of you may be able to juggle with more.  The Challenge is to add at least one more item to you current level:

I can juggle with 1 item – try for 2 or more.
I can juggle with 3 items – try for 4.

This will be done over two weeks:

For Thursday 2 July you need to tell us your starting skill level and say what items you will be juggling with (those on Zoom will show us)

Thursday 9 July is Juggling Challenge end date.  Let us know how you got on (again those on Zoom will show us).

Creative Challenge Using water and sweets create an "artwork" of your own design. A search for images of "sweets dissolved in water" will give you lots of ideas!

Make something with sticks and string (pioneering!) We would like you to construct anything you like, the BIGG Challenge ideas are below but please use your imagination (Kite, Garden sculpture, etc)

Build a catapult.
You and your two friends are stranded on an island, build a raft or a boat to get you all home.
London Bridge has fallen down, the Mayor has requested if could build a new one!
Build an outdoor shelter out of natural materials.
Build a camp entrance gateway.
Design and build a pioneering project.
Build a camp flag pole, make sure you have a flag flying from it

Biggleswade District has introduced "The BIGG Challenge" see the link BIGG Challenge Printable PDF. On completion of the challenge you will be presented with a special Challenge Badge.

Exercise Walk Challenge: This challenge is to be done every week. Please can you count the distance (kilometers, miles, meters or yards) you cover on your daily exercise outings (Walk, bike, scooter etc).

Week 5 running total 1350 miles. Wow, keep going.

Add up your weekly totals and report back to us at every Zoom meeting, or Email us for those who cannot join on Zoom. We will add the miles we all cover and plot a chart of how far we get each week. For those who do not leave home walk your house or do laps in the garden and tell us how far you have done.

Paper Aeroplane making instruction: Detailed instruction and a video of the world record with instructions: Record Throw plus instructions

A summary of our trips to the Zoom so far is herePast Trips to the Zoom

For those scouts doing Virtual Gold Award click here for resources

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